Posted on 26th December 2017

Technology as for today has improved so far by exploring opportunities and improving science. The road to embedding tech in our daily lives is widening and technologists are trying to make the world a better and a safe place by implying the best. Though perspectives differ broadly on certain developments, the end result proves it to be worthy and a must for mankind. One such development that grabbed a lot of attention and raised numerous questions was “Self-driving cars”.

Posted on 20th December 2017

It seems that the technology development community has taken an oath to bring magic into our lives. The development of voice-controlled assistants is revolutionizing human civilization’s way of living life. Being assisted by a futuristic voice telling us what to do for the entire day makes us realize how far technology can go into making our lives easier. We get to control our electrical appliances and do more with the help of this upcoming technology. Amazon has been doing pretty amazing work with Alexa in this field. Ever since Amazon’s Echo entered the market, people have been hooked to it. All you need to do is let Alexa know what needs to be done and there you go! Alexa does it for you. Here are some of the ways you can make your life smarter with Alexa

Posted on 14th December 2017

How wonderful would it be to have a robot wake you up and serve breakfast? Kind of dreamy but fascinating isn’t it? But what if the same is done by an armed robot? We would call that a life-threatening issue. This is the imminent threat we are facing now and also happens to be the mankind’s worst fear. The development of Artificial Intelligence has yielded us benefits far beyond imagination but what if AI declares war on humanity and destroy the very own species which was responsible for its growth? If you think yes, then you have got it all wrong!

Posted on 11th December 2017

The world currently has a billion plus smartphones connected to the internet which means people are pursuing the digital way of living life and for the digital marketing companies, it’s a complete nightmare to find out the most effective way to market online. It’s not only about getting displayed on the top three search engine results, it is also about how marketing companies can get customers to buy their products. Eventually, the competition became tough leading to the paradigm shift, introducing “Dynamic Advertisements”.