Alexa Making Our Lives Smarter - Everyday

Alexa Making Our Lives Smarter - Everyday
Posted on 20th December 2017

It seems that the technology development community has taken an oath to bring magic into our lives. The development of voice-controlled assistants is revolutionizing human civilization’s way of living life. Being assisted by a futuristic voice telling us what to do for the entire day makes us realize how far technology can go into making our lives easier. We get to control our electrical appliances and do more with the help of this upcoming technology. Amazon has been doing pretty amazing work with Alexa in this field. Ever since Amazon’s Echo entered the market, people have been hooked to it. All you need to do is let Alexa know what needs to be done and there you go! Alexa does it for you. Here are some of the ways you can make your life smarter with Alexa

Waking up with Alexa

Alexa does more than what your personal assistant can do. You can ask for news, particular day’s weather, or wake you after 10 minutes if you still want to sleep a little. You can check your messages or send good morning by mentioning the contact name and the message!

Start Your Day with Schedules

Alexa can take you a tour of your schedules for the day and makes sure you do not miss any! Check the traffic to your workplace. Hire a cab. Know train or flight schedules if you are planning on an official tour. Leave a mail to your colleague if it’s something important. Everything by the command of your voice!

Plan Your Weekend

Book tickets for best movies by looking at the ratings or know the availability of lounges at far off locations. Reserve a table at your favorite restaurant or try new dishes by asking Alexa for recipes or to make it more hassle-free, order food to your residence and enjoy it.

Set Reminders for Yourself

Let Alexa know everything you have to do and you will be notified on time, whether it be buying groceries or unfinished laundry business. Add things to your shopping list if you tend to forget them. Synchronize your calendar and stay on track.

Experience Personalized Music in Life

Go back to Beethoven’s symphony or listen to regional language tunes. Alexa can remember what you have been listening to and creates a playlist, personalizing your music experience. Name it and Alexa brings up the track for you booming in its speakers!

Take Control of Your Home

It is absolutely possible. You can dim, brighten, turn on/off your lights with your voice. Ceiling fans, AC can also be controlled when appropriate devices are plugged in and properly set up. Switching off the lights after going to bed is kind of new, isn’t it?

The Speaker Wikipedia

Any question you shoot out, Alexa comes up with an answer. It has been built to solve user queries and answer questions with high accuracy. World war course history? No problem, Alexa can bring it right to you. It is like having a Wikipedia on your desk.

Smart home technology is getting better every single day and a lot of inputs & updates are fed to the devices. When these technologies reach their maximum potential, life would be like living in a sci-fi movie.