10 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

10 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away
Posted on 06th November 2019

The primary goal of creating a website is to generate more traffic. And what happens if your site becomes familiar in the market, but the visitors turn away from your website? No doubt, your business may not hit as you aim, and it might fail in generating sales.

Here are some common errors that take away the visitors from your website.

1. Outdated Design

In the evolving digital world, it is undoubtedly essential to own a website for any business. But, having a website is just not sufficient. Do you know why? Design is something that brings visitors to your website and makes them stay engaged. An outdated design may pull back your visitors with an assumption that your business is fading out. And therefore, an updated website meeting the latest trends and standards speaks much in the market.

2. Non Mobile Responsiveness   

People prefer mobile devices than desktop systems. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, then you are giving way for the visitors to stay away from your business. When the visitors find your website non-responsive to mobile devices, there might be the possibility to close the website and move towards other competitive services. So, your website must be mobile responsive to attract new visitors and generate more traffic.

3. Intricate Navigation

A website with simple and clear navigation would be easy for visitors. When your website has too many options to navigate, the visitors may feel hard to find what they require exactly. It can also annoy the visitors and pull them back. When your website is functional and easy to navigate, it influences the visitors to proceed on the website.

4. Auto-Play Music or Video

If you wish to have a video or audio music played on your website, making it "optional" will be better. Auto-playing some obnoxious music track or video might disturb the visitors when they click on your website seeking information. The result may be, the visitor moves out, ignoring your website. Let your visitors take it as a choice to play the music.

5. Pop-Up Ads

If you certainly need a pop-up to display on your website, adding a useful pop-up that benefits your customers can be the right choice. However, it is advisable to have a subscription option that appears only once on the website. Visitors dislike annoying pop-up ads and scroll ads on a website that hide the view of a web page. When the customers cannot access the content easily, they possibly may tend to exit from the website.

6. No Social Media Links

Social media networks can help to improve the popularity of your website. Businesses use social networks to communicate with consumers and build better customer experience. Social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. helps to reach your business all over and gain new customers.  A website with no or inactive social media may carry the possibility of driving the customers away from your business. Active social media presence with repeated posts and too much sharing may also drive the customers away.

7. No informative Contents

Consumers browse online to make buying decisions and mostly to find a possible solution for their queries. When your website has explicit content on the internet through blogs, testimonials, social networks, or any other medium, it would be a track for the visitors to get into your website. The quality of the content has a vital role. The customers may not engage enough when your website, blog, or other forum markets your company alone, and there are no informative and precise contents that feature your business, products, or services.

8. Illegible Text Formats

Publishing informative and precise content alone does not speak much. To make the visitors read your content, it must be in a legible and understandable format. It is good to choose a readable font type, font size, and line spacing. Grammatical errors can also create a wrong impression among the visitors. A well-defined font hierarchy is effective in delivering your content to your viewers. A website with illegible and unreadable content may simply incite the customers to close the website.

9. Too slow loading

Page loading time is a critical element for any website’s conversion rates or customer experience. Customers prefer websites that quickly load to their preferred content. A website that loads faster can create a powerful impact as it attracts more visitors. Usage of heavy images or flashy items will increase page loading time and decrease the possibility of attracting new visitors. No matter how good your website and content is, the chances of customers to visit a website with high loading time may be less.

10. No Contact Information

Clear contact information makes your business accessible to visitors. It can invite people who are interested in your products and services. Contact information is an essential aspect of a website as it represents the legitimacy of your business with valid and recognized labels. Displaying contact details on an easily accessible section will be more useful for the customers to get in touch with your business.


Whatever industry you belong to, it is necessary to retain existing customers and attract new customers. Gaining the visitor's attention and engaging them on your website is more important. To engage visitors on your website, it should not contain any features that drive your customers away. Plan and fix the above issues so that the customers stay engaged on your website.