Trading made simple with AX1 trader

AX1 trader

AX1 traders is a dynamic robust trading platform designed to meet the prodigious efforts in progressive trading environment. AX1 traders offers wide range of opportunities to maximize trading advancements. Built with highly sophisticated features to perform an extensive analysis with personalized management console and prominent trade-on-the-go compatibility. Being an ultimate trading platform, AX1 Trader's most reputable features influences the widespreaded trading industry.

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Why AX1 is unique !

  • Highly customizable

    Highly customizable exchange trading software and it has a robust modular structure
  • Intelligent order

    Intelligent order matching and order Routing
  • Multiple Platform

    Multiple Platform Compatibility
  • Algorithmic Trading

    Algorithmic Trading for institutional investors
  • Efficiency

    A fast efficient Forex Trading platform with a thinking cap
  • Arbitrage Trading

    The next Level in Arbitrage Trading
  • Advanced Charts

    Advanced Charts & Tools for Technical Trading
  • Flexibility

    Whoever you are , AX1 Trader is for you

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