When is It the Right Time to Rebrand?

When is It the Right Time to Rebrand?
Posted on 24th October 2019


Branding is a marketing technique that helps to promote a brand, business, or even an event. It is the way of distinguishing your brand from the competitors and presents your business as a more suitable option in the market. Branding is absolutely a significant factor to gain recognition, increase market value, and generate new customers to your business.


Rebranding involves the technique of changing the corporate image of a business or brand in terms of name, logo, services, or other strategies. It helps to embrace the changes and promote the recognition of your business in a new, authentic way. Rebranding strengthens the brand image and draws new and engaging audiences.

Do you want to rebrand your business? 

You may have noticed that some big companies indulge in rebranding their businesses, conclusively maintaining their position in the market and thus creating scope for further progress.

In spite of that, rebranding is not just a simple process. It can be more expensive, more time consuming, and above all, may end up with a worse result leaving your company down when carried out without proper analysis. The risk and challenges involved in rebranding a company that incorporates all the business and services to reach the customers and target audiences most effectively are high.

Nevertheless, an outdated brand will assuredly limit the rate of your business growth. The necessity of rebranding your business may become higher. It can involve changing or modifying the business logo, changing the business name, or completely redesigning a new business. The scope of rebranding depends upon the problems that you face or the issues that you are trying to solve.

Here are certain factors that indicate it is the right time to rebrand:

1. Your Business and Services are Changed

If your business is fundamentally reinventing your core product or services, or adding more digital touch-points to your products, rebranding would be a great choice. It might indicate the growth of your company and businesses, bring more new customer interactions, and strengthen the brand in the audiences.

2. Your Customers and Audiences Evolve

In the continually evolving market, the updated business tactics produce excellent results. It’s daring to remain modern and contemporaneous. Losing the reach of target audiences makes the business unprofitable, and competitors may trespass the market share. Rebranding would be a smarter step to solve these dilemmas. It influences new customers, increases brand awareness, and strive to compete in the marketplace.

3. Mergers And Acquisitions

It is wise to rebrand a business after mergers or acquisitions. Creating an entirely new brand or identity is an aggressive step for companies that look for a significant transformation. Even though this is a little risky, it can overcome the restrictions of holding back or stopping your brand. With the new brand identity, the businesses could start fresh in the marketplace. However, it is essential to foresee the existence of current customers and chances to acquire new customers. Moreover, it is not advisable to rebrand a business that has a long-established history or unique in the strength of its brand.

4. Your Brand Has Poor Reputation

A negative or poor brand reputation severely impacts the businesses and their value. A bad reputation reduces the customer rate in the market, and customers may begin utilizing other competitive offerings. Rebranding can positively solve the damage in reputation and negative publicity. It significantly helps to manage the online reputation of a company or brand.

5. Your Presence In The Market Is Outdated

Even if you have excellent products or business services in the market, it does not stand out in the market unless it appears relevant. Any business should be updated depending on the up-to-date strategies to locate a place in the evolving marketplace. Rebranding is a smarter step to improve the company's presence and image in the customer end. A modernized and updated business retains more and long-lasting customers.


To evolve any corporate brand concerning the market changes is challenging. When your brand brings does not reflect what your business does, and then definitely you should consider rebranding. It offers a new opportunity to stick out from the competitors and showcase the unique strengths of the business. Even though rebranding is expensive, it benefits companies and clients in a very significant way.