Upcoming Web Design Trends for 2020

Upcoming Web Design Trends for 2020
Posted on 10th January 2020

Web design trends change invariably. The technical possibilities became infinite, and there are expert designers who engage with extremes, redesign old and previous design styles, and continuously experiment with new techniques. Simultaneously, some of the popular approaches and styles just remain unchanged, still flows on with the new and updated trends.

Here are some of the top striking web design trends for 2020 that helps you create a perfect website.

Oversized Design Layouts

Websites are favoring significant, prominent elements for reliable and instant communication. This importance in design connects to anything on a web page, even typography, images, videos, or oversized menu icons. The enlarged eye-catching elements seem exceptional on any screen size and help the visitors to understand what is in the website in a first look. But still, the usage of too many elements can be ineffectual and overwhelming.

Colors and Typography

Some websites split the content into several sections, displaying in order of differently sized squares and rectangles classified by color, which helps to expose numerous messages in one glance, in a precise and cohesive way. When short texts are added in these sections, it becomes easier for the visitors to catch the information. But it should be noted that color blocks must be neatly aligned and should form a logical composition.

3D Elements in Design

The 3D models have grown as an inescapable element of graphic and web design in today's digital era. It helps designers to deliver the ideas more realistically and coherently. The digital 3D elements or pictures enhance the websites by rendering abstract ideas to familiar elements. This increases the attention of the website visitors and makes the visitors stay on the website for more time. The 3D models are widely used, and its modeling programs are more accessible presently.

Motion and Animations

Implementing motion effects on a website is one of the most effective and engaging ways to draw new visitors to the site. Even though video and animation are not a new or modern trend in the internet world, it has the potential to increase customer engagement instinctively.  Most of the visitors get attracted to the moving element on a web page and grabs information more quickly from it. The motion elements can be of any type, varying from micro-animations to full-screen headers or animations. Although, it is advisable to place the motions and animation in a section that draws most focus on your website, as it creates distractions when misplaced.

Usage of more white spaces

White spaces, also known as negative spaces, are the blank spaces that are seen in between the design sections or elements on a web page. The usage of white spaces in an effective way is a design approach used by designers for a long time. But the area of white spaces became more considerable, bringing attention to space instead of filling the sections wholly with the content itself. The web site designs with white spaces becoming larger and more notable, along with its neighboring images and elements, can make the viewers more comfortable to stay on the website.

Implementing Illustrations and other visual elements

Websites provide a wide range of tools to deliver excellent visualization of your business. The illustrations, icons, photographs, videos are not just simple elements that fill a page. Instead, it holds the capability to craft an impressive brand identity. The illustrations, when rightly placed, makes a huge impact. Any factor visually presented will always attract customers.

Automated Assistants

Advanced technology has an unavoidable role in influencing web design. Conversational websites help customers to understand what they are looking about. Even though the chat-bots and automated assistants are not a new trend, it plays a significant role in the modern world. The voice user interface and automated assistants help people even with disabilities to interact with the website.

Wrapping Up

The website design has acquired a lot of progressive development throughout every year. In 2020, the websites will be incredibly amazing in terms of presenting visual elements. Moreover, it will also be technology-driven, as well. Every designer should know how every trend works for your project, and make it more creative. All of the points listed above can serve better for your creative drive.