Will Artificial Intelligence Put an End to the Human Race?

Will Artificial Intelligence Put an End to the Human Race?
Posted on 14th December 2017

How wonderful would it be to have a robot wake you up and serve breakfast? Kind of dreamy but fascinating isn’t it? But what if the same is done by an armed robot? We would call that a life-threatening issue. This is the imminent threat we are facing now and also happens to be the mankind’s worst fear. The development of Artificial Intelligence has yielded us benefits far beyond imagination but what if AI declares war on humanity and destroy the very own species which was responsible for its growth? If you think yes, then you have got it all wrong!

There are a lot of science fiction movies which portray robots get this superior intelligence and eliminate humankind for their own benefits. The most likely possible thoughts that are prevailing now are

  • AI develops a physical form for itself and raises an army and declares humans as a threat and starts a war to eliminate our kind.

  • AI getting way too intelligent & sophisticated and controls all the electronic devices and puts us to death.

  • AI gets the fancy thought of ruling the world and starts to conquer the world by all means.

Well, all these may or may not happen. It would roughly take another 100 years for AI to get so brilliant and carry out an enormously large-scale devastation. The big techie Elon Musk, Cosmologist Stephen Hawking & Bill gates have warned that AI would surpass humanity and put an end to it one day. Elon Musk stated that AI is more dangerous than nukes and there should be a regulatory oversight on a national and international level just to ensure that AI does not go wrong. Stephen Hawking stated that the evolution of humans are slow and cannot compete with AI in the future. They are right that AI will one day start to survive by consuming us but not the way you think. Here’s how it’s going to happen.

Humans have started to love the virtual world and some people have already started to live in it. Siri, Cortana & similar AI assistants will become a more personal part of our life. They understand our likes and dislikes and establish themselves as the perfect companions near us and we tend to avoid our fellow beings. We would get addicted and attached to them so intense that we would be pushed into a state spending little or no time with our kind.

Brain Science could undergo further development and we will eventually be able to put ourselves into any video games or a virtual world of our choice. You could fight zombies, be in a World War and more. It would be so real that people actually forget that they have plugged something into them that is not a part of human anatomy. This would seem insane but people have started to date robots since they are the perfect partners they really could have. No quarrels, just fake love the entire life. This will decrease human population up to a great extent.

The good part is, there would be people who completely isolate themselves from technology and AI stuff but they would be very less in number. So what would be left on earth is AI and people who worship it as the Almighty only to perish in the sands later.

It all started where we were looking for solutions to make our work & life easier but we never thought that the same could turn out as a threat to our very own existence. It is high time that we stop this now by taking measures at any cost and avoid the worst of fears. AI is not evil. It is something that we developed for the betterment of humankind. All we have to do is take it on the right path which could bring peace and better solutions to mankind.