5 Winning Elements of Visual Marketing

5 Winning Elements of Visual Marketing
Posted on 10th August 2018

Visual content always leaves a huge impact on your customers’ mind than the textual context. It is true that adding a media element has little to do with search engine optimization and will not raise your Google ranking, but it definitely improves the engagement of the content. After all, the human brain has the ability to process images 60,000 times faster than it processes the text.

Here are 5 types of visual marketing techniques to help you to achieve your goal.

1. Captivating Images   

A simple image can liven up even the long blocks of text, which would be dry otherwise. The readers tend to travel till the end of the writing if it has an image in it. It gives them something to relate with the writing, rather building a world with just the writing. The better it is for them to picture the content, better the engagement and reach.

The quality of the picture speaks a lot about you and your company, so make sure to connect the content with a clear, distinct picture. Having a dull and obscure picture brings down the quality of the text even if it is top notch.

There are websites that are gushing with free HD images for anyone to use. Also, the images are higher than the number of users, so it is highly unlikely for a great number of people to have your niche. ‘Quality pictures are costly’ is an apt excuse applicable only for the 90s’.

2. Elaborating Videos      

Videos transparently explains the problems your business solves. It can also be used for various other purposes like improving your brand awareness and introducing a new product/service, but the foremost question that needs to be answered is ‘Why should I buy your product?’

Videos efficiently convey your ideas and thoughts in a very short time, while the texts require quite some time to deliver the means. With the reducing attention span, videos provide an efficient alternative to implant a requirement, and to convince and persuade your target to enrol for your service.

There are many types of narratives to use in the video: How-to’s, definitions, demonstrations, animations or reviews; if your business permits, a new, different structure is also fine. Never ever sacrifice the quality of the content as it can take a heavy toll on your company.

3. Informative Infographics      

Infographics allow you to lay out the complex structure of your business to deliver your customers their much-deserved product. By explaining the processes your business undertakes to deliver the final product/service, you create a connection with your customers. It also adds to your trustworthiness.

Infographics can also include the statistics of your business and industry to improve the reach. Statistics speak for volumes even in such small places. Even, seemingly mundane details can drive the campaign to the great extent.

The crucial factor that plays with the success of infographics is its design. Easily understandable, yet an impressive design will have a tremendous impact, while a dull design will barely get noticed. Even an intelligent design with a bit of complication can fail to achieve the expected results.

4. Persuading Presentations

Presentations were limited to business meetings and conferences. Change here is a good thing as you can incorporate it to add the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Slides convey the points in a crisp and clear manner, laying-off the room for confusion.

Similar to infographics, the presentation needs an easily intelligible and not-too-dramatic design to get people to look into it. The design is what develops an impression with your customers. It can either enforce the likeability of the presentation or denounce it to garbage taking your marketing campaign along with it.

5. And The Ever Trending Memes

Memes offer you a humorous way to connect with your audience. Humour is one of the most underrated traits for enterprises and industries. For a person, humour is what makes him friendly and approachable. It is an everlasting sprinkle of positivity around the person. The same goes for the businesses too.

Memes allows you to have a friendly atmosphere around your company. Caution! Choose your templates carefully as it could turn offensive to some people.

Since memes are liked by most of the people for its trigger of laughter and creativeness, it can build an optimistic community around your brand. At present, meme is the most trending way of marketing. There is a misconception that memes degrade the reputation of the company. Well, it doesn’t, if done right.

Plan Your Campaign

Just because these elements improve content engagement, it doesn’t mean you have to add all these elements to make your campaign a grand success. Image followed by a video, which is again followed by infographics and presentations, and concluding with a meme wouldn’t look good, right? Know the elements’ specialities and implement accordingly along with the text to make your mark.