About Kappsoft


About Kappsoft

Trader workstation terminal series of product from Kappsoft is customized and designed for serious futures exchange traders. TWS supports streamlined order entry and execution, allowing traders to quickly enter and exit single/multiple contracts. It is designed to enable execution of complex strategies with minimal input. TWS strives to minimize the number of clicks required by a trader to do actions like order placing, order editing and exposure checking. The compatibility to TA allows automatic trading of contracts based on strategies. Support for conditional spread and hedging offers an edge to traders active in arbitrage and other spreading strategies.

Integration of TWS with advanced charting tools, news components and chat tools makes it a complete trading platform. Its plug-in model allows seamlessly adding or removing any functionality or component based on user preferences. The chat tool allows trader to directly communicate with back office real time to clarify or solve any issues in trading, providing the best in class support services.

Key TWST Features

  • Configurable for direct electronic access to majority of the exchanges
  • Advanced charting package with more than 20+ studies
  • Advanced highly customizable order entry system with custom market department
  • Programmable order entry features for instantaneous action (automated system)
  • Window linking and customization by drag-drop features
  • Real time profit and loss information and alert system
  • Smart scriptable destination preferences for order routing and management
  • Operates on Microsoft Windows and Intel technology for easy integration with in-house network
  • Full control over system components for fastest access to markets and exchanges
  • API available for connection with custom and third-party applications

Basic TWS/Nettrader package includes

  • Trading front end
  • Auto hedger
  • Position Management
  • Risk management
  • Integrated charting
  • Limit management
  • Breaking news and world news
  • Communication tools

Automated trading tools can be integrated to enhance the basic platform by

  • Algorithmic trading
  • Quote monitor
  • Spike/Trend Alert
  • Spread Tracker
  • Basket trader

Nettrader/TWS main features are tabled below Order Management

  • One-click order entry/cancel
  • Multiple order types
  • Link orders as OCOs
  • Place orders as Trailing Stops
  • Change order amount/level
  • See your position
  • See your average price
  • Trade multiple accounts
  • View Estimated Position In Queue (EPIQ)

Market Analytics

  • View depth of market (DOM)
  • View implied price/volume
  • View volume at price
  • See trade level volume
  • See the inside market
  • See last trade price and volume
  • Right click to launch a chart
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