About Kappsoft


About Kappsoft

Overview of Traffic Optimization and Application Accelerator (TOAA)

Suffering from poor application performance across your Wide Area Network (WAN)? Struggling with insufficient bandwidth and network congestion? Having trouble resolving issues due to poor visibility of network and applications performance?

As an organisation expand locally and globally, we understand that network administrators are facing increasing difficulties in ensuring top performance of key business applications to all offices across the WAN.

Kappsoft's Traffic Optimization and Application Accelerator services (TOAA) is designed to address these issues for you by optimising your WAN resources and accelerating your business applications to deliver better results. TOAA gives you the tools to ensure that your critical business applications run at LAN-like speeds even across a geographically widespread WAN.


Operational Benefits

Improves productivity and business efficiency with faster application processing time. Enhances staff collaboration in offices around the world.

Business Benefits

Improves customer experience by enhancing response and service delivery speeds. Achieves business continuity with faster remote office back-up and data replication to disaster recovery site.

Financial Benefits

Maximises return on investment through effective bandwidth optimisation and deployment of new applications over WAN. Derives cost savings from consolidation of IT infrastructure. Frees up cash flow with no upfront investments.

Key Features

Application Acceleration

Application Acceleration
  • Accelerates a wide range of enterprise applications.
  • Improves responsiveness of ERP and CRM applications over WAN.
  • Speeds up database back-up and restoration sessions.

WAN Bandwidth Optimisation

  • Eliminates redundant data to ease network congestion.
  • Improves WAN through-put to maximise bandwidth usage.
  • Frees up resources to support new applications without incurring extra bandwidth costs.
  • Prioritises traffic & allocates bandwidth for important applications.
Online Reporting and Policy Management

Comprehensive Online Reporting and Policy Management

  • Tracks and monitors network performance.
  • Understands who and what is causing network latency and poor performance of applications.
  • Quickly isolates and fixes network problems with online policy management tools.

End-to-end Fully Managed Service

  • Manages both WAN and application performance with 24x7 maintenance and help-desk support.
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