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Search Engine Optimisation

About Kappsoft
Search Engine Optimisation

Kappsoft Digital Marketing Services

Kappsoft SEO Services- Your Gateway to Online Marketing Success

Kappsoft SEO service was launched with a vision of providing the best online optimization services to bring greatest online marketing success to our customers. Search Engine Optimization is one of the finest techniques that functions on the basis of search quality algorithm that concentrates on link popularity and copyright content.

Our SEO experts apply cutting-edge optimization methodologies and strategies that drastically enhance the visibility of your website in the first page of all the ubiquitous search engines. Initially we start with a preliminary analysis of your website to identify the business model, your list of products and services established in the market and asses the spread of relevant information scripted on your siteís web pages.

After this initial analysis, we formulate and list out the niche keywords that are specific to your business model and website domain, in order to increase relevant traffic to your site targeting potential customers. Our unique SEO process starts with a comprehensive keyword analysis and then continues with competitor analysis, keyword density assessment, link building, social media optimization, bookmarking, and content submission process- in the form of articles, press releases and videos.

Utilizing our years of accumulated experience and expertise in serving numerous clients we have devised our SEO process to provide excellent documentation showing the best results in a short span of time and a systematic approach that is most transparent towards our clients. Our unique and comprehensive process involves the research and analysis of over 300 factors and parameters related to search engines for an in-depth optimization of your website. To achieve this efficiently, we have segregated our process into different levels, with dedicated specialists working for tasks specially assigned for them.

In the present world of business, online marketing is a growing field that has become pivotal to an organizationís success. Many donít realize the power of a being ranked at the top by search engines, but the global community is rapidly moving ahead with leaps in cyber technology and digital marketing, making online presence for organizations a necessity, rather than a privilege. Now-a-days top companies and entrepreneurs feel that SEO is the best way to establish their brands since it is not too expensive like other media promotions and online media is always the best channel to captivate the young minds of our society.

In this era of cyber culture millions of people access billions of useful data on the internet, making it a one stop shop for all your daily needs and business solutions. By partnering with Kappsoft you can avail our cutting edge SEO services that will help you showcase your products in the cyber arena of business world.

As an essential part of our SEO campaign, we also focus on SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Through this technique, we can project your website in first page of search engines in a very short span of time. An investment in our SEM packages is bound to provide you the best ROI. We have a separate team for SEM with highly trained professional SEO experts working on Adwords, Yahoo Small Business and Microsoft ad center.

So what are you still waiting for? Act now to create a prime and unique identity for your business through your website and establish a glowing presence in the digital world. Hire our SEO services to broadcast your products to millions online and script your own success story in online marketing.

Our SEO Package Pricing & Plans

Type Of Service Basic Premium Super Premium
Keywords 5-10 10-25 Upto 50
Minimum Contract Duration Six Months Six Months Six Months
Cost per month 12 500 17 500 25 000
Reports &Task Details
Initial Search Engine Ranking Report
Monthly Search Engine Ranking Report 1/Month 1/Week Instant Ranking Report
Google Analytical Report
Email/Chat Support
On Page Optimisation
Detailed Site Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Site Pages Optimised
SEO Friendly Navigation Optmisation
HTML Code and Meta-Content Optimisation
Anchor Tags Optimisation
Alt Tags Optimization
Internal link structuring
Content Optimisation
Title Tag Optimisation
Heading Tag Optimisation(H1,H2)
Meta Tags Optimization
Image Optimisation
Robot.txt File
HTML Sitemap Creation
XML Sitemap Creation & Submission
Google Analytics Implementation & Analysis
W3C Validation
Google Base Feeds
Off Page Optimization
Manual Directory Submission
Manual Article Submission
Social Bookmarking Submission
Press Release Submission
Blog Creation
Forum Posting
Classifieds Submission
LinkedIn Profile
Video Optimization
Text/Banner Advertisement
Comments Posting
Photo Sharing
Business Listings
Local listings
Social Shopping Network
Q & A Submissions
Document Sharing
Social Media Optimization
Facebook Fan Page 
Twitter Account Creation
Profile Content Writing
Strategically Presence on Top Social Media Websites
Geo-Social Targeting Research
Linkedin Account Creation
Tumblr Account Creation
Myspace Account Creation
Pinterest Fan page
Posterous Account Creation
Google Plus Account Creation
Video Optimization Package
Number of Submission 5 10 15
Number of Video 1 5 10
Manual Video Submission
Manual Video Comments
Video Creation
Video Channel Management
Detail Report 10 Pages 15 Pages 25 Pages
Number of Reports 2/Month 1/Week Everyday Report
Blog Submission Package
Blog Creation
Blog Writing and Posting
Website Usability & Conversion
Latest Online Marketing Trend Updation
Website Designing Consultation
Landing Page Analyzer
Social Reputation Monitoring
Branding Development Consultation

Click Here to Download the Questionnaire form for our Organic SEO Campaign. We recommend you to provide us all the necessary details for the optimum customization of SEO Services. Every detail that you miss may limit us from applying effective SEO strategies on your website. Please come up with the details of FTP, Services offered, Target location, Logo, Image information, advertising options, etc.

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Search Engine Paid Advertising[PPC] Package

Adwords Facebook Marketing Other Advertisements
20000/Month 15000/Month As per the Clients Requirements and Ad Platform
Upto 25 Campaigns Upto 25 Campaign  
Min Contract: 6 Months Min Contract: 6 Months Min Contract: 6 Months

Note: Depending upon the order in Package cost, Social activities will be done aggressively, eventually leading to more traffic and more follower base comparatively.

Social Media Optimization [SMO] Package

Starter Package Booster Package Advanced Package
15000/Month 20000/Month 25000/Month
In Top Ten Social Media Sites In Top 25 Social Media Sites In Top 50 Social Media Sites
Guaranteed Traffic Guaranteed Traffic Guaranteed Traffic
Min Contract: 6 Months Min Contract: 6 Months Min Contract: 6 Months

Note: Depending upon the order in Package cost, Social activities will be done aggressively, eventually leading to more traffic and more follower base comparatively.

Keyword Rank Boosting Package

Keyword Ranking For Pages Count Package Cost Minimum Contract Total Contract   Cost One Month Trial cost
10 Keywords from Niche Keyword List Less Than 50 Pages 12 000 6 Months 72 000 15 600
10 Keywords from Niche Keyword List Less Than 50 Pages 25 000 3 Months 72 000  
15 Keywords from Niche Keyword List Less Than 50 Pages 15 000 6 Months 90 000 19 500
15 Keywords from Niche Keyword List Less Than 50 Pages 22 500 4 Months 90 000  

25 Keywords from

Niche Keyword List
Less Than 250 Pages 20 000 6 Months 1, 20,000 26 000

50 Keywords from

Niche Keyword List
Less Than 500 Pages 20 000 1 Year 2, 40,000 26 000
5 Highly Competitive Keywords Irrespective of Page Count 25 000 1 Year 3, 00,000 32 500
5 Highly Competitive Keywords Irrespective of Page Count 50 000 6 Months 3, 00,000  
5 Keywords from Niche Keyword List Less Than 25 Pages 10 000 6 Months 60 000 13 000
5 Keywords from Niche Keyword List Less Than 25 Pages 20 000 3 Months 60 000  
  • Keywords from Keyword List having Pages More Than “what is fixed” will be charged additionally depending upon its Page Count.
  • In most cases we need to optimize our clients’ webpage in a SEO friendly way. In that we need our clients’ On-page access. On-page is must for Keyword Ranking.

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