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DRISK - Risk Management

About Kappsoft
DRISK - Risk Management

DRISK is a sophisticated risk management and real-time monitoring system much needed for every institutions, brokers, fund managers and traders to effectively manage their portfolio. IT provides effective real-time risk management across all asset classes. It not only updates MtoM for every tick information it also calculates margin requirements and aggregates trades on a real-time basis, giving a consolidated view of trades and market-wide positions.

DRISK goes much further than just providing the market exposure view, it can be effectively customized to alert you when there is a undesired jump in your equity position and MtoM, one can configure DRISK to alert on equity jumps (15,25,50%), equity stop near warning, equity stop hit alerts. DRISK when combines with Kappsoft Nettrader and TWS platforms provide seamless integration to hedge positions or close them based on preconfigured conditions.

Some of the DRISK features are

  • For trading firms:
    • Real-time analysis of traders' positions.
    • P&L and Risk reports by trader and firm wide.
    • Risk manager can set skew curves for the firm's traders and groups.
  • For clearing firms:
    • Position analysis by account, instrument, or customized group.
    • P&L and Risk reports sorted by Net Liquidating Value to highlight potential problems.
    • Positions can be updated to monitor risk at any time
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