About Kappsoft


About Kappsoft

ReservedWeb is an Internet-based reservation system designed to manage all types of hotel bookings, whether made directly by guests or through travel agents and corporate clients.

With Hotel-M, travel agents and corporate clients can easily deal with hotels for contract rates and allotments instantly according to seasonal period, special events, or unexpected demand. ReservedWeb also provides a secure link to agents and clients, allowing  hotels to distribute confidential trade rates to pre-authorized recipients, and to share allotments among many agents and clients.

ReservedWeb Key Features:

  • Real-time Rates and availability Information accessible 24/7
  • Maximize room allotment utilization
  • Reservation page featuring promotional items with image
  • Easily-applied seasonal rates
  • Different payment method options for travel agents / corporate client accounts
  • Customized room preference to enhance guest pre-staying satisfaction
  • User-friendly reservation
  • Quick browse hotels and reveal complete hotel information
  • Allow multiple room bookings
  • Differentiate hotel room rates for different occupancy levels
  • Differentiate room rates for weekends / weekdays
  • Secure as many new travel agents and corporate clients as possible
  • Enables modification and cancellation of online booking
  • Include hotel map and directions
  • Language options
  • E-mail notification to the booker, hotel and the agent
  • Customized tax charge application
  • Enable assignment of designated users to access specified features

ReservedWeb is a cost efficient solution that will save you substantial time and money. With its intuitive interface and advanced tools, you will never go wrong with ReservedWeb

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