About Kappsoft


About Kappsoft

Achieve your goals effectively by planning, organizing, and managing your resources using Kappsoft’s ProjectPlus. It is one the most robust project management systems available in the market. Compared to other collaboration software, Kappsoft’s ProjectPlus provides a unique combination of a feature-rich yet simple web-based project manager tool. ProjectPlus was developed based on continuous research and customers’ requirements.

You have the convenience of hosting our software on your own server itself so that you no longer have to rely on a third party. You can use ProjectPlus from anywhere you want through your favourite browser. ProjectPlus is suitable for an organization of any size.

Control Multiple Projects from One Window

Organisations can have multiple projects running in parallel and managing all projects at once can be a cumbersome process. With Kappsoft’s ProjectPlus, you can now manage all your projects from a single window.

Assign Work/Project to All Users

Create user IDs for all your employees and you are good to go. You can add your staffs working at different locations/ branches. Your users, with their specific access rights, can access their account from anywhere, anytime.

Manage Multiple Tasks at Once

Assign tasks to your employees and manage them at one place. Easily search assigned tasks with filters and track tasks easily.

Get Statistics and Reports

Efficiency is the most important aspect of any successful project. With our statistics and reporting tools you can generate many reports to analyse the efficiency of an employee.

Track the Time

The time track module lets you track how much time your employers take to finish a given task and use that to improve the efficiency of your project.

Assign Access Rights to Employees

You can assign access rights to your employees based on their roles and responsibilities in your organisation. Users can be granted different access from one project to another while administrators can have full rights.

Discussion Forum

A discussion forum is an indispensable feature in a web-based project management software.  Discussion forums can be used company wide to share thoughts, ideas, issues, knowledge and lots more. Users can also be notified by email when a new reply has been posted to a topic.

Professionals and managers can substantially improve the efficiency of their organisation with Kappsoft’s ProjectPlus. It’s an easy to use, non obtrusive, feature rich project management system designed to help our customers maximise their gains.

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