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About Kappsoft

Front office: multi-currency, Web-based/application based trading platform, customizable for private labeling of screen and tools for order entry and real-time account inquiry, chat, charts and news.

Middle Office: highly scalable, standards-based, cross-asset capable set of modules. These modules cover various business processes including margins, fee calculations, risk assessment, and brokerage and exchange connectivity.

Back Office: Clearing, settlement and reporting functionality. DRISK (Dynamic Real-time Information System for Commodities) and compliance tools for back-office systems, respectively.Services: The facilities Management and ASP service allows firms to outsource hardware, network connectivity, application processing and exchange connectivity requirements.

Kappsoft main categories

The GTS Nettrader product is a multi-asset (global equities, futures, options, FX, futures and indices), multi-broker, multi-routing and multi-regional market data, analytics and direct market access (DMA) trading platform

Some core trading services are

  • Broker-Dealer connectivity to multiple asset classes
  • Portfolio/Trade order management tools
  • Real-time and customizable trading and order entry tools
  • Integrated Algorithmic trading tools
  • FIX supported trade capture and order routing
  • Back-office Reporting tools
  • Regulatory reporting tools (FSA compliant)
  • Online trading courses and documentation
  • Real-time risk management and alert systems

Content and Data services comprise

    • Analytics Market data
    • Real-time data display and archiving solutions
    • News Aggregations services
    • Enterprise wide data-feeds solutions
    • Research tools
    • Data API Interfaces

Front-office solutions

    • Multi platform client applications
    • Enhanced Broker applications for real-time client risk management and trading
    • Multilingual support on all platforms
    • Real-time market data terminals for quotes, charting, research, news, trading/order entry, pre/post-trade analytics. Market research and trend analytics.

Middle and Back-office solutions

  • Real-time data terminals for Account information, AML compliance and trade data with archiving
  • Historical reference data for major markets
  • Order management tools – intraday, daily net positions tracker
  • Communication tools for broker/dealer with real-time recording and tagging.

Kappsoft CFD/OTC systems provide real-time and simple ECNs for brokers/dealers and market makers to provide an automatic matching of buy/sell orders of specified prices to their subscribers- typically institutional investors, broking houses, fund managers.

Online platforms designed to support order routing from investors and institutions worldwide. Our ECNs differ from Exchange solutions in only that exchanges have their own regulatory and governing mechanisms which have to comply with regulatory body requirements of the operating country. Our ECNs can be customised with its own set of rules for matching of buyers and sellers, mode of transactions and operating rules.

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