About Kappsoft

Online Screening

About Kappsoft

Kappsoft’s OnlineScreening is a fast, easy-to-use automated interview screening tool designed for human resource executives, small and large scale organisations for efficiently screen candidates.

OnlineScreening is an efficient and economical tool for targeting and screening a high volume of applicants.  The tool screens the candidate’s core character traits, their education, salary expectations and employment history etc. By adding OnlineScreening to their recruiting process, Recruiting Managers and HR Professionals can save time by screening out unqualified candidates.


  • User friendly
  • Can be accessed from anywhere
  • Can be integrated into any website
  • Powerful tools and methods
  • Tests on organizational specific criteria to assess talent, work history and probability of success
  • Uses a series of standardized, objective and validated questions
  • Can be customized to manage applicants for virtually any career
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