About Kappsoft

News Aggregation

About Kappsoft
News Aggregation

Kappsoft NewsAggregation is a software package designed for continuous retrieval of news headlines through the Internet and display on any application or website. It is a simple news ticker that resides at wherever you wish on the screen and displays news headlines from news servers in many forms like scrolling line, with images, intro news etc. It can also be customised to scroll vertically or horizontally.

Kappsoft NewsAggregation features custom colours, scrolling speed, news categories, direction and can be positioned anywhere on the screen. One click on the scrolling headline and your browser is opened with the full news article. 

  • News headlines from major news providers.
  • Custom news ticker colours.
  • Can be integrated into any application
  • Java or HTML component
  • Adjustable news ticker scrolling speed.
  • Custom news headlines categories.
  • Automatic updates of headlines.
  • User defined fonts and screen position.
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