About Kappsoft

“Qube 24/7 - “Solving enterprise challenges”

About Kappsoft

Our services:

Qube 24/7 provides a full range of premium data centre and associated IT services that are designed to meet business needs for scalability, flexibility, efficiency, security and connectivity. Building, owning and managing your data centre infrastructure and supporting services can be an expensive diversion from your real focus - running your business.


Why choose us ?

  • Customer - centric approach

    From your account manager, through to the highly-skilled engineering and facilities experts who manage your infrastructure, our expert, hands-on team works closely with you to understand your business right through your project's lifecycle.

  • Experienced People

    Over 80% of our employees are in roles providing direct customer support and their primary concern is the delivery and support of your business-critical services.

  • Resilient Security

    Qube 24/7 operates from some of the most secure data centers in the world with fully redundant power and cooling infrastructure to ensure resilient and reliable always – on services.

  • Value for money

    Our premium services deliver value for money and savings to your bottom line.

  • Environmental Leadership

    With the extensive experience of our facilities teams, many customers find that our data centers are more efficient than their own.  But that's not good enough for us - we want to make them even more efficient.  We continue to pioneer innovative ways to maximize energy efficiency in the data centre.

  • Value added services

     Whether you need help backing up your critical data, ensuring your online environment is secure or with reliable network services, Qube 24/7 offers a wide range of complementary value added services.

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