About Kappsoft

Nettrader Pro

About Kappsoft
Nettrader Pro

Nettrader pro is a high performance front end application offered by Kappsoft for Trading in multi assets on ECNs. It can be customised for volatility and MtoM risk management of trader, pricing of exchange data and automated quoting.

It is highly flexible and customizable, enabling

  • Accurate pricing of all exchange, bidding auction and market maker data
  • Implementing complex trading strategies
  • Simultaneous quoting of multiple instruments on several markets across asset classes
  • Automatic hedging to limit risk exposure.
  • Configurable order liquidation based on risk limits.
  • Tracking of cumulative position and risk in a portfolio

Key Nettrader Pro Features

  • Streaming, real-time Level II data and quotes
  • Thoroughly configurable and customizable
  • Seamless order entry from mouse or keystroke
  • Route orders to a choice of market centers or use proprietary EDAPT  technology to automatically identify and route to the market centre with the best price
  • Customisable layout - Compact, minimal and normal views
  • Basket trading
  • Options chains
  • Streaming time and sales
  • Intraday and historical charting with studies and alerts
  • Streaming trade tickers
  • Trade strategies wizard for automated trading
  •  advanced order management
  • Hot keys, Alerts and watch lists
  • Streaming Market news – Breaking, Top and Business with FX and Future commodity updates
  • Portfolio management tools
  • Live and interactive customer support chat 
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