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Nettrader Plus

About Kappsoft
Nettrader Plus

Nettrader Plus is designed for traders, sales and brokers enabling them in management of orders, portfolios and customers. This broker platform provides fast execution and access to multiple markets in the same screen in real-time. Order, data and report panels are designed to handle customer specific data. Management tools like customized transaction lists, transaction department and basket management are built in to the platform.

Nettrader plus allows traders and brokers to monitor their client position simultaneously as the client trades. Broker platforms provides ease of use to brokers managing large clientele by allowing them to load unload specific client details.

Kappsoft’s Nettrader and broker applications are presently in use by more than 1000’s of traders around the world. Nettrader plus is an advanced application designed for professional, high volume traders. Even novice and first time users find the platform easy to learn and trade on. Kappsoft’s single click trade methodology reduces the mundane redundant tasks related to trading. It was built for high speed trading, in particular of complex strategies, real-time risk management and back office interaction. Brokerage firms and institutions use Kappsoft back office solutions to further enhance and manage their businesses dealing with top exchanges and trading systems.

Key Nettrader plus Features

  • Advanced order entry and trading
  • Multi-asset: equities, options and futures
  • Real-time streaming global market data
  • Completely customizable user interface
  • Hotkeys and lock workstation
  • Sophisticated charting tool
  • Fully customizable chart studies
  • Streaming news & Fundamental research
  • Alarms and alerts
  • API and Order Scripting
  • Custom Tickers
  • Integrated add-ons
  • Backed by stable and resilient infrastructure
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