About Kappsoft


About Kappsoft

Nettrader live is a purely web based trading platform providing, ease of use with full functional capabilities that are mainly required for online trading. Nettrader live does not depend on any plug-in or active components to be installed in client machine. It is one trading platform which can be used anywhere on any OS using just an internet web browser and internet connection. This is well suited for people on the move who don’t have the capability or the inclination to install a large trading platform on public computers. Nettrader live leaves no trace of traders position or profile history on the computer and hence it’s safe to be used on 3rd party machines.

Nettrader live bring the latest AJAX based technologies to its full use to bring in a robust trading environment for the traders. Traders need not install even components like JAVA APPLET or FLASH to use this platform.

Key Nettrader live Features

  • Access via web browser
  • Level I quotes updated at regular intervals or upon browser refresh
  • Order window to buy, sell and short sell stock and futures
  • Options order window to buy to open, sell to close, sell to open and buy to close
  • Mutual fund order and NAV tracker screen
  • Choice of all major order types including market, limit, stop market, stop limit
  • Choice of options order types such as market and limit
  • Option chain function to view quotes for options available for a stock symbol
  • Current quotes plus intraday charts and historical charts
  • Latest news headlines
  • Trade while viewing current balances and positions
  • Watch lists to track prices for a select group of instruments
  • Market summary snapshots
  • Portfolio management tools
  • Charting, industry news and research
  • Live and  interactive customer support
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