About Kappsoft


About Kappsoft

Marketwatch is a core system which can be used to build larger market analysis and monitoring applications. Marketwatch has customizable layout controller API based on WPF tools enabling configuration of design during design time and also during runtime. It has tight integration with other components like FEEDMANAGER, CHARTSAPI, STUDIESAPI, and HISTORYAPI. Its window layouts can display a wide array of information in grid format which can then be exported to spreadsheet format. Customizing column layouts by selecting  feed manager’s hundreds of data fields from exchanges and data vendors in real-time is easy , allowing one to have multiple watch list for multi asset management.

Market watch core features

  • Real-Time Data through feed manager/ socket or DDE supported provider
  • Tickers with customizable color themes
  • Advanced Charts with historical data and studies
  • Runtime design Screens and layouts
  • Separate portfolio based Windows can be configured
  • News Windows with more than 10 categories and breaking news
  • Integrated Web Browser
  • Financial Research tool
  • Alarms + Alerts
  • Flexible User Interface
  • Customizable Add-ons

Other Key features are

  • Select from pre-designed layouts or create your own using drag drop and save.
  • Sort the data by any column or custom sort the data on several levels.
  • Create, edit and save lists of related symbols as symbol files that you can use to build portfolio pages.
  • Link a watch list window to chart alert or portfolio windows for fast symbol and position change monitoring.
  • View portfolio holdings in real-time using the Trade Entry window and its advanced filtering.
  • Activate a conditional or deferred alert from your automated scripts with a simple click.
  • View profit-and-loss in real time using a Position Tracker window.
  • Devise trading strategies based on historical data and test it in real-time
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