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MPROBE - Market Surveillance

About Kappsoft

MPROBE is one of the world's robust and real-time market surveillance systems for online derivative exchanges, brokerage firms and market makers. It is designed to provide real-time analysis of positions, margins, trade volume and trends for every instrument traded by every client. Its data-drilling capabilities brings out trading trends based on period, trader behaviour and world market trend, hence providing the most complete analysis.

MPROBE handles all the critical elements of the surveillance process and provides a robust monitoring and alert mechanism. It is designed to protect the integrity of markets from fraud, manipulation and abusive practices and to foster open, competitive, and financially sound markets. It's complex set of features and functions ensure strict market surveillance and quick access to historical information, which is essential to the user in decision-making. MPROBE is designed to address the needs of the Regulator / Exchange / Clearing and Settlement Monitoring agencies with its capacity to analyze multi-Exchange and multi-segment information customisable to different levels as per the agency needs.

MPROBE is equipped to identity and stop suspicious transaction before any damage is done. This is possible due its scriptable nature of monitoring rules. Each exchange can setup its own configuration to get the best out of this system. The easy nature of design requires minimal learning curve of market professionals to efficiently start utilising the large capabilities built in this system.

MPROBE systems are based on industry leading practices integrated with complex event processing model to react to adverse conditions. MI (Market Intelligence) is something which is learnt by humans through experiencing risks in real life, this tool not only learns trends and alerts the suspicious activities it also allows humans to intervene and feed in their expertise in an easy to learn scripting language.

The MPROBE dashboard is configurable in to sections monitoring the whole exchange or any specific group of users or can be used for watching world trends and news. The dashboard can be loaded efficiently through pre configured layouts or the layout design can be generated in runtime and stored for later use.

MPROBE users can create their own alert conditions with the Visual Intelligence Builder Engine (VIBE) for constructing Multi-dimensional Analysis, Post Order and Post Trade Analysis, Circular Trading Detection, Time Slice Analysis. The Report Inspector and Publishing Expert (RIPE) coupled with Alerts and VIBE scripts will be capable to provide strong indications of any manipulation.

MPROBE features

  • Advanced warning and controller
  • Alerts on non standard trading trends
  • Real-time comparison of exchanges and market data
  • Analyse multi-exchange multi-segment information
  • Audit trial and case tagger allows complete investigation reports archiving
  • Rewind and replay specific events or a time slice
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