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About Kappsoft
Kapp Messenger

KappMessenger is an easy-to-use and secure Instant communication tool for today's fast-paced world. It gives your business or organization a private, secure instant messaging network without hefty financial commitments or hardware investments. Use KappMessenger to send text messages, transfer files, hold conferences anywhere.

KappMessenger gives you a private IM network with complete administrative authority. Using Web Services, you can:

  • Create, modify, lock or delete users,
  • Provide access to features/services for each user/user group
  • Create filters based on network address classes for messaging and file transfers,
  • Select additional administrators for your IM network
  • Be safe from prying eyes

Protect yourself from IM based attacks. The rate of attacks on insecure public IM systems are on the rise and your personal information is in stake. Using KappMessenger is the smartest way to protect you from all kinds of threats.

Secure, private and internal

Using a closed, controlled system like KappMessenger lets you enjoy all the benefits of instant messaging without sacrificing security or privacy. Connect from anywhere in the world without compromising your security. SSL Encryption ensures that your messages are safe from eavesdropping. KappMessenger also keeps you safe from worms and viruses that plague other IM systems.

Create an online conference for any number of people

KappMessenger is more than one-on-one IM! Every conference has a shared multi-page whiteboard just like those available in one-on-one conversations. Conferences can be made by invitation only so that no one else can see your chat. Don't forget that all conferences are encrypted, just like regular text messages.

Offline Messaging

Send a message even if the recipient is offline. The message will be delivered the next time s/he logs in. Check your offline messages using our Web Services. You can also send a message from Web Services.

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