About Kappsoft

Kapp Managed Services (KMS)

About Kappsoft

Kapp Managed Services offers a dynamic portfolio of complex, IT infrastructure capabilities, with proven ability to provide heterogeneous management. Our certified staff is dedicated to helping you enhance the business value of your IT investment through improved operational efficiency and service levels.

Combined with some of our other services such as assessment workshops, new data center builds, or hardware support, Kappsoft provides our customers with holistic solutions to operate and manage IT environments in a very focused way, allowing the Customer to maintain choice, flexibility, and control

Key Benefits

Kapp Managed Services (KMS) Kapp Managed Services provides selective IT sourcing to:
  • Align IT with business strategy
  • Manage change with operational excellence
  • Improve service levels by increasing availability and security
  • Retain control of your heterogeneous IT infrastructure
  • Extend capabilities and fill gaps with skilled resources
  • Reduce costs and complexity in your IT environment
We'll help you realize these benefits while you maintain flexibility, choice, and control.
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