About Kappsoft


About Kappsoft

HRS is an easy to use online hotel booking/reservation system, designed to manage hotel reservation, room rate and room allotment for hotel websites.

Power up your hotel website with HRS to generate hotel reservations with instant confirmation that convert website visitor into booker, maximize hotel website optimization and increase your direct bookings.

Your website visitors or potential guests can check room rates, room availability, viewing hotel photos / information and make hotel bookings instantly complete with auto email confirmations alerting both the hotel and the guests instead of filing forms with long waiting periods.

Some of the important features of HRS are:

  • Show real-time rates of hotel rooms and availability information
  • Add promotional items on reservation page
  • Comprehensive reports to monitor reservation/booking activities
  • User-friendly reservation/booking page
  • Multiple Room Bookings
  • Differentiate hotel room rates, on different occupancy levels
  • Differentiate room rates for weekends / weekdays
  • Enables modification and cancellation of online booking
  • Include hotel map and directions
  • Language options
  • Customized tax charge application
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