About Kappsoft


About Kappsoft
Hotel Call Routing System

Call Routing and Billing System for Hotels and Resorts

Take control of the calls made by your guests and provide better customer service with HCRS, a centralised call routing, tracing and billing system, designed for all major hotels and resorts to monitor and generate accurate bills for the calls made by the guests and ensure that they are only billed for the calls they have made.

HCRS offers an ideal and affordable platform for hotel telephone systems. Designed to satisfy the growing needs of small and medium hotel telephone systems, HCRS Hotel Telephone Software offers a professional, flexible and easy to use Hotel Communication system at a price that makes sense.

Some of the most important features are:

  • Monitor calls in real-time
  • Detect misuse and abuse
  • Optimize phone system performance
  • Post calls automatically to your Property Management System
  • Allocate costs by department or extension
  • Set special phone rates for VIP guests
  • Generate revenue with custom mark-ups and surcharges
  • Decrease billing errors
  • Monitor wakeup calls (when set and if they were answered)
  • Flexible onsite phone system
  • Many types of call charges with percentage cost adjustments
  • Audit, check out and extension reports
  • Warning and error messages

HCRS can be used in hotels and resorts of any size and can be seamlessly integrated into any Property Management System. You can generate various reports in popular formats and export them into any other management tool. With many more useful features, HCRS is the ultimate call routing and billing system for any hotel and resort.

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