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Exchange Adapter

About Kappsoft
Exchange Adapter

EDAPT is a FIX enabled gateway providing high-performance access to GTS servers. It provides for thousands of connections between customers using TWS/MTWS and the exchange. EDAPT is customizable to be deployed in any network infrastructure of Institutions, brokerage firms, exchange members easily. The EDAPT provides the gateway for the clients of these firms to communicate over a secure channel with the exchange. EDAPT is made available to every member firm which has got clearance for online trading.

EDAPT can be customized to connect to multiple exchanges, providing order routing capabilities and access to over 100 markets worldwide. EDAPT can be used by proprietary trading firms, online bidding and auctioning firms, brokers, fund managers, exchanges and software vendors across the securities, investment, banking and finance industries.

EDAPT is an open architecture framework enabling ease of integration with other applications. It's available for member firms with sample code and documentation. EDAPT is fully FIX Protocol 4.5 compliant. EA has multiple connectivity and data exchange options like MessageQ, Socket, and Flat file access, all these can be used to build the system as per developer institution preferences. Built around data compression algorithm, gives EA unmatched connectivity and data exchange speeds along with high level of data security. EA communicates over 3 layers of encryption logic hence providing highly optimized and secure environment. EA actually increases efficient use of bandwidth and performance especially during peak data transfer message rates.

EDAPT features

  • Compliance to FIX protocol
  • Open architecture for easy integration with in-house applications
  • Works well with both FIX and Non-FIX based applications
  • Standard Classes to provide out of the box connectivity to varied technology based platforms
  • Already in use with futures exchanges in NEPAL, SRILANKA and KENYA
  • Tight integration to GTS servers and Market data servers.
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