About Kappsoft


About Kappsoft

The team at Kapp Software specializes in providing creative and technological solutions for varied publishing concerns.

Our e-publishing services help you digitize publications. We combine publishing industry expertise with leading technology to improve readership of the publication and add features to make reading of each webpage a unique experience. With the expertise of our team you can transform your publication to an interactive e-publication with animations, flash, video, audio and a good content to add to the experience of the reader. Our expertise in the art and business of visual culture will draw world wide online audience for your publications. You can concentrate on your publishing business while we take care of the technology with e-publishing. We provide you these additional features without any change in your existing enterprise and bring you the pleasure of delivering information to readers across the world at a reduced cost.



Emag is a wonderful medium that sustains the enthusiasm of a reader as well as the excitement business seekers. It is a reward of our sincere efforts and eagerness to harness the advancing technology that has heralded into digital publication. E-Mag is a magazine reader that enables anyone to download and enjoy the vibrant features of the digital magazines. This console can bring you any number of digital magazines that you wish to subscribe.


Flash Magazine

Electronic publications have clinched much attention from print media these days. And this is due to the bunch of advantages that online publication brings with them. It is so interesting and involves so much of creativity that no one wants to be deprived of the pleasure of fine senses which is triggered off by such experiences.


HTML Magazine

Online publication is not only catching up with the popularity of the wide-ranged print media, it is out in varied versions with their distinctive features. In keeping with the increasing possibilities of creativity in graphics, the advantages of the new versions keep bringing surprises to us.

The pages of HTML magazines are enriched with varied creative ideas of presentation, a world of fun with web pages as differentiated from the static visuals of the e-magazines.



The numerous advantages of digital publications over the print publications needs no further mention. Now you can provide your readers with fast and easy way to access your publication from anywhere in the world through the digital version of your publication-the e-paper. It is your publication delivered online with the look and feel of the print edition. Your subscribers can access it with a standard web browser and no additional software.


Flash Paper

In this age of online publications, enhance your readers' experience by converting your printable files into flash files. Now you can create web ready flash documents from any printable documents. The professional team at Kapp Software helps you generate flash papers which are unbeatably the best way of viewing files on the web.

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