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About Kappsoft

With Enterprise NM maintenance program, you have the ability to select the level of support that makes technical and financial sense for your core services, access and distribution layers, as well as remote offices or any other area within your network.

Manufacturer maintenance programs are expensive, and product end-of-support milestones often force upgrades much sooner than needed. Enterprise NM provides tremendous savings without compromising rapid response, personalized customer service and technical proficiency.

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Enterprise NM Service extends management control points to the network and desktop levels -- in addition to the Internet -- which enable our enterprise solutions to solve growing security, legal and productivity threats for corporations, such as peer-to-peer.

In addition, our Enterprise NM Solutions also enables corporate managers to click through employee Internet use information in order to analyze trends and identify high risk Internet use, such as hacking, malicious code, and Internet storage applications.

Providing corporate IT administrators with powerful setups to manage the broader intersection of employees and their computing environments is critical to minimizing security risks and plays a vital role in improving productivity and reducing costs.

With our professional consulting and implementation services, not only offers our customer's Internet management where they need it most, but offers multiple business benefits. In particular, we see a lot of value being delivered to manufacturing, healthcare and retail sectors, especially when remote locations are a part of the equation.

Protect Your Edge

The high cost of maintenance forces many organizations to focus their resources on the core leaving edge routers and remote offices vulnerable. Kappsoft's affordable pricing structure allows you to protect your edge, leaving nothing to chance.

Our comprehensive maintenance program also covers a range of network equipment from leading manufacturers. Our highly-trained support staffs include experts on Cisco, Juniper, Extreme and Foundry technologies. With Our solution, you have one, reliable support resource for all your routers, switches, access servers, security hardware, wireless devices, IP telephony and optical hardware.

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