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DTRAC - Data Accumulation

About Kappsoft
DTRAC - Data Accumulation

DTRAC is a data accumulation and search tool designed for analysts and reporters. DTRAC collects specific data from all major exchanges around the world across major asset classes. DTRAC employs multiple methods to data collection depending on each exchange data format. Non exchange and proprietary system data can also be collected and stored in a standard format by using the custom convert option in the tool.

DTRAC features include

  • Collect EOD and historical data from flat file
  • Collect real-time data via VPN, dedicated leased lines, VSAT, DDE, NDDE, OLE or any other major data distribution techniques.
  • Segregate data as per live tick, intraday, daily, monthly and yearly archives.
  • Auto backup and archive data at predefined time or end of day
  • Maintain data backup in multiple media and provide connectivity to restore
  • Fetch data from RSS sources and streaming media.

DTRAC has been successfully deployed for multiple clients in worldwide data centres. DTRAC client provides flexible and high-speed connectivity option for IT managers to maintain and administer their data. DTRAC can tally the data in multiple locations and synchronise the changes for any type of file format. This capability makes DTRAC as a companion tool not only for market data archiving but also for office automation.

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