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COMPLYTE - Compliance Tool

About Kappsoft

Complyte is a full fledged compliance tool for brokerage firms, fund mangers and trading institutions to help them to comply with growing regulatory requirements from institutions not restricted to exchange alone. Complyte is an efficient data management and retrieval system which can be used to store information starting from client application, signed agreement, documents, deposit slips and withdrawal forms along with any notices, alerts or mails exchanged.

Complyte not only provides an easy mode to store information but also goes one step ahead and provides auditing options. Auditing can be set for multiple levels based on the company architecture. Multi-level verification and posting helps in guaranteeing the information stored is scrutinized by the right persons at the right time. The audit level ensures that the document and data are in the right format for external agencies to validate as per regulations.

Complyte introduces a detailed user management module which can be configured for each individual using the system. It allows restricting access to important data or sections as well as restricting the number of days in history an individual can generate reports or view data. All this is managed in easy free-flowing screens, hence allowing the managers to change these configurations real-time.

All access, updates and deletions to any of the data is recorded and backed up to a preset level. This not only provides very high level of security to the firms using the platform, it allows to recover data which could have been accidentally deleted by an end user. A safe and secure compliance and data management system goes a long way in streamlining a business process making it more efficient.

Complyte supports wide range of data formats, like flat files, alternate data streams, XML, structured files, data structure and DBMS. All data can be compressed and encrypted to add additional layers of security.

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