About Kappsoft

Business Model

About Kappsoft

Kappsoft has three business units. Its core Development Unit develops and maintains Exchange setup solutions, ECN platforms for OTC/CFD trading and major financial related products like Net ledger accounting and general development tools.

Kappsoft Design Studio 'Kappmedia' is engaged in website design, brochure, presentation, web traffic analytics and SEO Management services.

The Networking Services division is having world wide experience in setting up and maintaining data centres, WAN/LAN and VPN setups, web hosting, email, domain and data centre management. Its 24 hr support desk monitors all setups for internet related issues.

Kappsoft technology innovations have been different and more effective over the technologies and solutions provided by other large market vendors.

  • One of earliest real-time financial software under Microsoft technologies
  • Earliest provider of real-time streaming market data over internet
  • Integrated solutions for client/broker/fund house and back-office dealing rooms
  • Innovator in launching the first all electronic trading exchanges in countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka.

Kappsoft's flagship institutional products cater largely to Exchange and CFD/OTC business platforms. Expertise in both markets has helped Kappsoft in tremendously increasing its product depth and market coverage in recent years.

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