About Kappsoft

Track Browser Statistics

About Kappsoft
Track Browser Statistics

Track user statistics of your website, get insight of user behaviour and optimize your pages for popular web browsers based on the data collected. Kappsoft’s Browser Analytics tracks unique, real-time browser statistics not available through any other web analytic product on the market. Each visitor's full browser and system profile is logged directly to your database. Browser Analytics can be implemented effortlessly on any website.

With the information collected, you'll be able to troubleshoot issues reported by end users with ease and speed never thought possible. And, this information is invaluable for gaining insights into your audience, and guiding your future developer efforts.

Some of the Interesting Features:

  • Accurately detects every visitor's browser and operating system
  • Logs correct browser versions
  • Integrates seamlessly with all web sites
  • Unique browser stats and analytics
  • Detects installed browser plugins
  • Logs monitor resolution
  • Records precise geographical location along with IP address
  • Real-time data for the webmaster

Browser Analytics is your one-stop-solution for detecting everything you need to know to ensure your site works properly for everyone. Browser Analytics is built from the ground up for extreme performance, and is used extensively by many of the world's largest companies. With Browser Analytics you can completely eliminate web site abandonment due to technical issues with your site. This results in higher conversion rates, increased sales, and repeat business.

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