About Kappsoft

Attendance Management System

About Kappsoft
Attendance Management System

If you are planning to keep track of the attendance of employees in your organization, the easiest way is to avail our Kapp Soft Attendance Management System.

KAPPSOFT'S AMS IS THE EASIEST way to keep track of attendance of all organizations. It also works well as a member database. You can create customized attendance reports, event schedules, membership rosters, and attendance forms. The program is easy to use, and it's well suited for any organization that needs to keep track of attendance.

If you want a system that will calculate accruals and enable your employees to self administer their time, eliminate administrative costs, and lower HR Costs, Kapp Soft AMS is an inexpensive addition to your Time acquisition and provides the following:

  • Error Prevention - Kapp Soft AMS has built-in work flow which prevents employees from requesting more time off than they have accrued.
  • Scalability - Allows you to create an unlimited number of attendance plans for Paid Time Off. You can have different plans for executives, salaried, and hourly employees.
  • Flexibility - Accrual calculations for paid time off can be based on hours worked or lump sum. And allocation of accrued hours can be done annually, quarterly, monthly, at the fiscal year, at the employee's anniversary date, or at some multiple of the anniversary date

Benefits of AMS

  • A turnkey solution for time and labour management, scheduling, and attendance planning
  • Virtually integrates with any payroll and accounting package like Kappsoft’s NetLedgerPlus
  • Easy to use system, which your employees will love
  • A scalable system that will continue to meet your needs as your company grows
  • A system that provides convenience, productivity enhancements, and flexibility for employees, managers, and payroll personnel
  • A virtual timekeeping solution via phone, computer, time clock or any other point of entry
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