Advanced Charting Tool
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Advanced Charting Tool

About Kappsoft
Advanced Charting Tool

Charts have the ability to instantly summarize a universe of data points at a single glance. Kappsoft Advanced Charting Tool provide multiple features not available in other standard charting applications. In spite of its advanced features, Advanced Charting Tool is exceptionally easy to use. Whether your users need just the basics, or they are heavily into technical analysis, Kappsoft’s Advanced Charting Tool has what they are looking for.

With a wide variety of charting features at their fingertips, users can elect to take advantage of every available option, or just barely scratch the surface. Either way, it's all there if they need it.

Flexible to Meet Your Objectives

Depending on your needs, Advanced Charting Tool can be implemented as a stand-alone product, or it can be seamlessly integrated into one of your existing applications. Since its look and feel is fully customizable, this window will merge seamlessly with your existing web site or applications, and users need not be aware that the Charting tool is hosted by Kappsoft.

Multiple Charting Options

With no shortage of charting options available, Advanced Charting Tool is suitable for even the most seasoned investment professional. You can also change the colour of the charts and add your logo. And to save time, your users can save those preferences in various charting profiles.

Technical Analysis

For those who thrive on technical analysis, there are many indicators or studies available. They provide you with accurate information which is very crucial for any trade activity.

Print and Email

Your users can even print and easily save the charts and e-mail it to a client, friend or associate. It is that easy.

Intuitive Navigation

With so many options available, it would be easy to end up with a complex user interface. Advanced Charting Tool is intuitive by design, and as a result, even first-time user can use it without wasting time in learning to use it.

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