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About Kappsoft

Kappsoft is a new generation information technology company making proficient strides to create a strong foundation in the field of IT Enabled Services (ITES) and Software Development. Kappsoft is among the new age group providing end-to-end BPO service with proven full service expertise for consumer industries dedicated in Financial Services.

Our solution offerings include:

  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Information Management
  • E-Business and Financial Analytics
  • Client Relations Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Information Technology Consultancy
  • Web Services and Application Development
  • Investment Research  and Development
  • Back Office Operations
  • Call centre Management
  • Outbound Calling (Direct marketing, Verification, Loyalty Programs)
  • Inbound Calls (Customer service, Order Capture, Lead generation, Interactive Services, Complaint Resolution)
  • Data Warehousing

Kappsoft as a financial domain company designs and delivers applications and services primarily for the electronic trading community, healthcare and office automation industry. These services provide full application functionality for retail and institutional clients. Kappsoft trading solutions also provide their clients to manage trading and financial risk in real-time across wide range of products and exchanges without need to invest in technology infrastructure or even technical staff.

Kappsoft first launched its client-server based trading platforms for OTC/CFD markets as early as 2005. This trading and risk management platform has become popular over the years and has become integral part of major trading systems across the globe. In 2008 Kappsoft’s first fully fledged automated electronic trading exchange went live. This automated exchange now caters to thousands of clients with real-time trading data, risk management and order matching solutions.

Kappsoft is involved in technology-driven solutions for the global capital markets comprising of core areas like trading services, data management, exchange services, Portfolio and risk management services. Kappsoft divisions have been primarily targeting institutional trading community and business houses. Kappsoft has been regularly beefing up its electronic trading offerings.

Kappsoft provides technology for advanced trading, market making and brokerage applications. Its trading platform offers connectivity to major markets across multiple asset classes and currencies. The company’s customers include investment banks, trading and market making firms, brokerage houses, institutional houses, fund managers, proprietary traders and other trading institutions.

Kappsoft’s independent flagship products like Nettrader and TWS are high performance trading software for Derivative Exchange trading and other trading markets. This incorporates single-click trade execution and high speed connections to the world exchanges and offers real-time fills and market data.

Its innovative market depth display and trading console design allows its customers the freedom to concentrate on market and easing their order requirements. Kappsoft provides end to end solutions not only for trading but also for middle and back-office operations.

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