About Kappsoft


About Kappsoft

Financial charts can help traders make some extremely profitable investing decisions. If you are a brokerage firm or an exchange wanting to expand your client base, it is utmost crucial to provide the right tools to your clients. With WebChart you can attract online investors by providing accurate financial information more effectively.

WebChart facilitates traders get real-time data and to some of the most powerful tools for technical analysis available. It gives web-based access to the world's markets without having to download the software. Get streaming charts of stocks, options and futures, currencies with technical analysis and drawing tools to track the market very closely.

WebChart brings you these great features:

  • Line, bar or candlestick charts that stream real-time data
  • Flexible charts for closer look into various parameters
  • Loads of technical analysis studies
  • Movers and shakers of the day
  • Analysis using historical data
  • Different trends to watch
  • View current bid and ask, high, low, last, change, volume
  • Ability to set alerts on various instruments
  • Ability to export data from a chart to different formats
  • Can be integrated anywhere in a website

Kappsoft’s WebChart is great for all types of investors as it comes with various trading solutions including Fibonacci projection, customizable time scales, and dynamic trend integration.  Provide your clients have the ability to see charts in any a variety of time frames to help in trend analysis.

WebChart has a simple interface yet packs tons of features and customizable options to fit to the need of the user. By employing numerous studies, WebChart is one of the most robust charting solutions available.

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